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January 24, 2020

Understanding the game of Street Craps

Street craps draw a huge line of difference between the good old game of craps as the two games are not the same. With different rules and features coming into the picture, the game is quite different from what one would expect it to be. It grabbed all the attention with its debut in 2014 at the Grand Casino in Las Vegas. Since then, it has been a famous variant of craps that you need to try. So to help you get started, here’s a brief take on the different aspects that revolve around the game.

Basic Rules

The rules for street carps are quite easy to understand. With a shooter and a couple of other participants, one can go forward with the game. The shooter rolls the dice, and other players place wagers on the possibility of landing a particular number before throwing a seven. Due to that, setting up the game requires a dice and a suitable surface where it can be rolled. In order to get started, the shooter will select the amount on which bets need to be placed by also bringing in the preferred betting option.

Be it Pass or Don’t Pass, choosing the betting option will decide the further extent of the game. When the right number of players have placed wagers, the game can move ahead. Apart from that, players are also allowed to either place bets on the first number that the shooter throws or the total number of all rolls. In this manner, if the shooter throws a seven or eleven, then all Pass wagers win. On the other hand, if the sum is two, three or twenty, the Don’t pass wagers tend to win.

Towards the end, the shooter will distribute the right amount of money to the players. He/she either pays or gets paid for the bets placed on the opening betting round. The amount of the payouts is also proportional to the total of the initial bet. As a result, players settle the side bets between themselves. Being aware of the bets defined by the game is an essential aspect of understanding street carps.


Essential Terms

  1. Shooter – the individual or player who throws the dice.
  2. Dice – the game of street craps requires two dice.
  3. Placing bets – players can proceed to place wagers only when the shooter has taken the dice.
  4. Pass and Don’t Pass – pass relates to the bet where the shooter believes they will roll a seven or eleven. Don’t pass is when the shooter will hit two, three or twelve as the sum of two dice.

5. Bounce – a wall or another kind of backstop where the dice can bounce is mandatory for the game to move forward.

Street Craps
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