June 22, 2020

How to Play Craps

If you’ve walked through the casino floor, then it is easy to spot the craps table. It is filled with people cheering, shouting and having lots of fun, which often time tempts you to try a game yourself. However, although it looks easy, there is a lot of technique and memorization that goes into this game. You ought to learn the essentials of the ‘in’s and out’s’ of the game. But the good news is, you’re in charge of your actions and need not depend on the opponent player or their bad luck. A single roll of die contains various combinations on which a player can wager. Terms like ‘pass line’ and ‘Don’t pass line’ are the ones you will come across a lot of times in this game.

Primary Rules while playing.

  • Although the game is structured behind the various wagers available, it predominantly depends on the pass line bet.
  • Some bets require the player to place the chips on a bet line, while the others require the player to move the chips.
  • The sequence is started with a come-out roll, and a shooter rolls the dice.
  • If the outcome of the roll is 7 or 11, the pass bettors win, But if it is 2,3, or 12 they lose. Any other number is considered as a point.
  • If a shooter rolls a point number, then he will continue to do so until the same number appears again to form an even-money bet. If the player rolls 7, then it’s a loss.
  • The game can be as simple as placing a bet on a particular number and waiting for the probability of winning or losing. At the same time, it can be as complicated as placing a bet and waiting until the shooter rolls a point number and hoping to roll the same number again, to even out.


Craps Layout

The craps table consists of a unique layout which signifies different places for a different bet.

  • Chips on the pass line resemble a pass bet.
  • Chips on the box displaying six and 5, indicates a one-roll bet on 11.

It is easier while playing craps online, as a click on the particular plays signifies that you’re placing bet on that. However, it differs in a brick and mortar casino. You have to place your chips on the layout manually and tell the dealer what you wish to bet on. For example, if you want to bet $5 on 4, then you have to tell the same to the dealer. Most of the craps tables today consist of double layouts. The layout consists of :

  • Pass line: A-line extending across the table for betting with a shooter
  • Don’t pass line: Players betting against the shooter.
  • Come and don’t come: Similar to the above mentioned, but at different times of the game.


After the come-out roll of the die, if the outcome is a seven, then it is a losing roll when it is on the pass line.

If you miss it, then you can place your bet on the come line. It contains the same rules as the pass line, but the only difference is that you will be playing out of the main pass line.

However, if you’re rolling, you have to make sure that it hits the back wall.

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