April 16, 2020

How to Win at Craps?

Craps is a simple game of luck by chance that decides the players bankroll for the night. Although many assume that it is solely based on luck, there are some strategies and tips that can help you beat the odds and casino house edge. But to achieve it, it is essential to follow some rules and tricks which will help you in a long way. As you read through the article, you will learn about the top three ways by which you can win at your next craps game.

Choosing the bet’s

No doubt, the game is solely based on luck. But the way you place your bet also matters a lot in the game. It is essential to make your smartest move and place your bet in the right spot, by prioritizing the safest bests available on the table. And by safe bets, we mean the ones that offer the most minimal house edge. By doing so, you’ll have a mathematical advantage over all other players and also minimize your risk of losing a lot of money.

Since craps offer various bets you can choose from, it can be intimidating. However, one of the safest bests the game provides is the pass bet that has a lower house edge of 1.41% and even pays out for even money, which means you bet $10 and you win $10. One important thing to note while making the pass bet is to avoid betting after the come-out roll as the value of the bet only diminishes after.

Another single safe bet to consider is the don’t pass bet, that is highly contrary to the pass bet, and offers a house edge of 1.36%. Since most players go for the pass bet, it is evident that when they lose you win and vice versa. Hence, make a smart decision.

Craps table

Pick the game wisely

Irrespective of the location, country, experience and all the factors, the house always has an advantage. No matter what you’re playing in a casino, the games are mathematically strategized to defeat you against the house. So, instead of going all in and losing money, play steadily and with lower wagers. By doing so, you can also stay in the game for a more extended period.

Looks for ‘downtown tables’ of craps when you next visit a casino as their payouts are a bit better than the regular tables. If you bet $3 on four and you win, it pays out $3.50. Hence, it is a win for you in the long run.

Other Basic strategies

Apart from the ones mentioned above, which are designed explicitly for craps, different gambling strategies apply to craps as well, like:

  • Don’t choose the winning streak
  • No matter what kind of bet you choose, start with a smaller sum
  • No matter how lucky you think your day might be, set a limit to the gambling or betting amount and don’t cross beyond that amount.

Watch out for distractions like alcohol etc. that only deviates our attention from the game.

Win at Craps
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