Knee Jerk

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Knee Jerk is a fast-paced party game just funded on Kickstarter! We’re shooting for an exciting, portable, affordable experience with little setup time.

Here’s the lowdown:
Think fast – the first player to give their knee-jerk reaction wins the point! Players rapidly create endings to funny situations in this 4 to 8 player party game. Each situation lasts 10 seconds, and players get to play simultaneously (i.e. no downtime!).

One player plays as the host, rapidly announcing random situations. The first player to create a valid ending to the situation wins the point. If more than one player answers, the host picks his favorite!

To the right is an example on our prototype cards, with 3 random cards lined up to form a situation. I might answer:
“I Feel Panicked At The Beach Because I Saw A Man-Eating Shark!”

What would your ending be? That’s just one of 150,000+ situations from our 55-card deck.