Casinos Stop Dice Cheats

August 30, 2020

6 Ways Casinos Stop Dice Cheats

Apart from classic games like slots, blackjack, poker and baccarat, the games that are gaining rapid popularity over the years are the dice games. They’re accessible in both land-based as well as online casinos. Most dice games like craps and Sic Bo depend entirely on luck. Hence it is observed that the players often tend to manipulate the game and its outcomes by using specific strategies and tricks of their own. The house takes no chances on such foul play. Hence, they’ve ways of preventing these ‘dice game cheaters’ from performing a dirty play. Here is a list of six of such ways the casinos have employed to stop the malpractice:

Loaded Dice

It is considered as one of the most famous and widely spread manipulative trick of all times, where the players generally tamper the dice physically to change the outcome of it. Sometimes the players also remove a piece from the centre portion of the die, manipulating its weight. Even a 1/500 manipulation in weight also causes a drastic difference in the outcome where a number can appear often. Hence, to prevent this malpractice, nowadays almost all casinos have switched to transparent dice so that any changes in them is visible clearly. Some casinos also go overboard to mark the casino logo beneath the dice.


Sliding dice

It is a technique the cheaters follow to get the desired number they wish to see. The player does so by sliding the dice with the desired number from their hand, little by little. Sal Piacente also stated that sliding dice takes two weeks to master and the incoming money because of it is enormous, until you get caught. Although there is no system employed to stop it, cheaters usually get caught after big wins.

Hop Bets

It is a specific type of bet where the wager amount is made so that everyone can hear them. It involves predicting the numbers on both the dices in a single roll. Players generally manipulate these kinds of bets by mumbling the bet amounts so that the dealers don’t interpret it right. Since the video cameras do not record audio, it is often easy to cheat. There is no particular system or a rule that can prevent this from happening; however, the casino owners are now aware of the malpractice and have keen eyes on big winners.

Past Posting

It is a kind of cheating technique in which the players call for bet after the dice have stopped spinning and are at rest, by distracting the dealers sneakily. As a preventive measure, dealers and pit bosses have increased their concentration and attention towards the table and mirrors are often placed opposite to them so that nobody escapes from their vision.

Past Posting

Shaving the corners

It is an obvious trick that was used by the cheaters as they would shave the corners of the dice in such a way that the die landed on the desired number every time they rolled it. The malpractice was noticed immediately and now almost all casinos are using dice that have extremely sharp corners.

Rhythmic rolling

It is an art of sliding dice, manipulating in such a way to figure out what numbers turn up. Although it is not entirely illegal, for some reason casinos frown upon them and are asked not to perform with no serious implications.

Casinos Stop Dice Cheats