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Understanding Dice Probability

The Central Aspect Of Expectation Draws Inspiration Through Probability, And It Is Quite Crucial That We All Get Things Straight.

Playing The Odds in Craps

Explore The Game Of Craps With The Right Dose Of Learning And Fun As a Move To Create Effective Steps Against The Odds That It Raises.

Using The Odds in Yahtzee

Develop The Basic Formulae Of Understanding For Yahtzee As The Game Ventures Across a Number Of Aspects.

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Gambling Games With Dice


One Of The Most Popular Games At Casinos Is Right Here To Help You Get On Board The Train Of Excitement, Adventure And Thrill.


Explore The Different Aspects And Functions Of Hazard With a Simple Tutorial That Manages To Change Your Level Of Skill.

Chuck A Luck

Understand The Excitement Behind Chuck A Love By Coming Forward To Witness The Many Sides Of a Simple Game.


Move Through a Range Of Options And Categories In Order To Pick The Best One Leads You To The Ideal Set Of Results.

Simplified Craps

A Simplified And Definitive Take On a Game That Has Been Making The Right Kind Of Noise And Rolling Heads Over At Casinos.


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July 24, 2020

3 Ways to Win at Dice

Dice games have been around in the gambling arena for ages now. It dates back to 1000 of years ago when people used to play a game of dice for fun. Today, it has merely become a game of entertainment and a source of income for many. Whether you’re playing the dice game at home or in a casino, they’re always fun, and their only rule is to follow the chance of probability. It requires absolutely no skill and is a classic game of probability and luck. However, there exists strategies and methods to understand the science behind the probability of these dice games. When applied rightly, the odds might even stack for you.

Understanding the science behind probability

It is essential to understand the gameplay to apply it in the real world.

  • Learn the combinations: The number of dice varies in each game, and the combination depends on the game as well as the number of sides considered. For example, every die has six sides, which means the probability of getting the number you expect is 1/6. With an increase in the number of dice, the possibility will enhance. For two dice, it becomes 6X6 combinations, and for three it is 6X6X6 combinations and so on.
  • Determine the likelihood: It is crucial to figure out how many times the number can be made, which again depends on the number of dice being used. To determine the likelihood, For instance, if you have three dice, and the probability of getting a total of 8 on the die is 21/216, with the combinations being 1-2-5,1-1-6,1-3-4, 2-2-4 and 2-3-3.
  • Always bet on 6s or 8s: It is a wise decision to always bet on the point numbers like 4,5,6,8,9, and 10. Among these numbers, 6 and 8 are the point numbers that have a higher probability of winning, when compared to the others.

Win at Dice


Let us consider the strategy with a simple example. Consider the game of craps, which is purely a game of chance, but statistics are always welcomed to figure out your bets. With a 7 or 11 in the first roll, you can win at craps. Since there are two dices, the combinations can be 1-6, 2-5 and 3-4. Hence the probability is 3/36. The overall probability of striking a 7 or 11 on the first go is 22% or 6/36, after doing the math.

You bet the 7 or 11 at the pass line. By bidding the pass line, you can win 22% of the times. This the basic strategy of the working or the probability calculation for any dice game, given the number of dice used and the sides considered. However, If you don’t want to consider that procedure, then you can bet on the point numbers like 6s and 8s as mentioned above.



Another ancient game of dice, it is a daunting process to calculate the odds in this game as there are five dices to calculate from and the chances of winning is 91% for each player, which adds to the tediousness of calculation.

Win at Dice
June 30, 2020

6 Ways Casinos Stop Dice Cheats

Apart from classic games like slots, blackjack, poker and baccarat, the games that are gaining rapid popularity over the years are the dice games. They’re accessible in both land-based as well as online casinos. Most dice games like craps and Sic Bo depend entirely on luck. Hence it is observed that the players often tend to manipulate the game and its outcomes by using specific strategies and tricks of their own. The house takes no chances on such foul play. Hence, they’ve ways of preventing these ‘dice game cheaters’ from performing a dirty play. Here is a list of six of such ways the casinos have employed to stop the malpractice:

Loaded Dice

It is considered as one of the most famous and widely spread manipulative trick of all times, where the players generally tamper the dice physically to change the outcome of it. Sometimes the players also remove a piece from the centre portion of the die, manipulating its weight. Even a 1/500 manipulation in weight also causes a drastic difference in the outcome where a number can appear often. Hence, to prevent this malpractice, nowadays almost all casinos have switched to transparent dice so that any changes in them is visible clearly. Some casinos also go overboard to mark the casino logo beneath the dice.


Sliding dice

It is a technique the cheaters follow to get the desired number they wish to see. The player does so by sliding the dice with the desired number from their hand, little by little. Sal Piacente also stated that sliding dice takes two weeks to master and the incoming money because of it is enormous, until you get caught. Although there is no system employed to stop it, cheaters usually get caught after big wins.

Hop Bets

It is a specific type of bet where the wager amount is made so that everyone can hear them. It involves predicting the numbers on both the dices in a single roll. Players generally manipulate these kinds of bets by mumbling the bet amounts so that the dealers don’t interpret it right. Since the video cameras do not record audio, it is often easy to cheat. There is no particular system or a rule that can prevent this from happening; however, the casino owners are now aware of the malpractice and have keen eyes on big winners.

Past Posting

It is a kind of cheating technique in which the players call for bet after the dice have stopped spinning and are at rest, by distracting the dealers sneakily. As a preventive measure, dealers and pit bosses have increased their concentration and attention towards the table and mirrors are often placed opposite to them so that nobody escapes from their vision.

Past Posting

Shaving the corners

It is an obvious trick that was used by the cheaters as they would shave the corners of the dice in such a way that the die landed on the desired number every time they rolled it. The malpractice was noticed immediately and now almost all casinos are using dice that have extremely sharp corners.

Rhythmic rolling

It is an art of sliding dice, manipulating in such a way to figure out what numbers turn up. Although it is not entirely illegal, for some reason casinos frown upon them and are asked not to perform with no serious implications.

Casinos Stop Dice Cheats
June 21, 2020

How do you win at the dice game at the casino?

The evolution of dice games from centuries now has spread even to the casinos. Many casinos today employ a game of dice at the table to entertain their customers and discover their luck. They don’t have to be intimidating like other casino games like Blackjack and others since its a pure game of luck. We will discuss the best strategies or tips on how to win at dice games in a casino. Stick around! Although there are many dice games available in the gambling market, craps and Sic Bo are the most popular ones. Hence, we will be discussing the strategies to win at these two dice games.

Sic Bo

Although the game follows pure luck, it is not impossible to employ some tips and strategies to turn the odds and probability in your favour.

  • The defence is the key: When you’re playing the Sic Bo, the kinds of bets you place and the defence strategy makes all the difference to the game. Since it is a game of patience and persistence, it is essential to pay attention to defend your self, rather than to attack. It is seen that over time, players who defend most times rather than attacking the opponent tend to increase their bankroll. It can offer the best profit of up to 2.78%.
  • Small and big bets: Small bet is when you predict the total on the role of all the three dices between 4 and 10, while big bets revolve around the prediction between 11 and 17. With small bets, you have a higher chance of winning than with big bets, which usually offers a 50/50 probability.
  • Combination bets: Although the winning probability is just 2.77%, it still cannot be neglected as the probability of winning is 6:1, which means for every six bets placed, you can score a win. Using this strategy ultimately leaves you with a better bankroll at the end of the game.

Sic Bo


It the king of all dice games and for the same reason, included in almost every casino in the world.

  • Pass or not: One of the major mistakes made by the craps players is to pass not to pass. They ignore the side bets and focus on the main game instead. This includes the pass line and no pass line bets, while both can fetch you wins, it is better to concentrate on the pass line bets.
  • Placing 6 and 8: Other than 7, 6 and 8 are the numbers that is rolled frequently on the dice. Hence it is better to place your bets on these which also have an advantage as you can pick your numbers.
  • Never say the seven-word: This goes without saying which means that when you’re throwing the dice on the table, you ought to make sure that they touch the back wall.


Although there are various games of dice on the casino floor, the above mentioned are the most popular one’s and widely played across the world. By following the strategies discussed above, although it is not possible to win at everything, it will still make the odds work in your favour.

Dice game at the casino
May 22, 2020

How to Play Craps

If you’ve walked through the casino floor, then it is easy to spot the craps table. It is filled with people cheering, shouting and having lots of fun, which often time tempts you to try a game yourself. However, although it looks easy, there is a lot of technique and memorization that goes into this game. You ought to learn the essentials of the ‘in’s and out’s’ of the game. But the good news is, you’re in charge of your actions and need not depend on the opponent player or their bad luck. A single roll of die contains various combinations on which a player can wager. Terms like ‘pass line’ and ‘Don’t pass line’ are the ones you will come across a lot of times in this game.

Primary Rules while playing.

  • Although the game is structured behind the various wagers available, it predominantly depends on the pass line bet.
  • Some bets require the player to place the chips on a bet line, while the others require the player to move the chips.
  • The sequence is started with a come-out roll, and a shooter rolls the dice.
  • If the outcome of the roll is 7 or 11, the pass bettors win, But if it is 2,3, or 12 they lose. Any other number is considered as a point.
  • If a shooter rolls a point number, then he will continue to do so until the same number appears again to form an even-money bet. If the player rolls 7, then it’s a loss.
  • The game can be as simple as placing a bet on a particular number and waiting for the probability of winning or losing. At the same time, it can be as complicated as placing a bet and waiting until the shooter rolls a point number and hoping to roll the same number again, to even out.


Craps Layout

The craps table consists of a unique layout which signifies different places for a different bet.

  • Chips on the pass line resemble a pass bet.
  • Chips on the box displaying six and 5, indicates a one-roll bet on 11.

It is easier while playing craps online, as a click on the particular plays signifies that you’re placing bet on that. However, it differs in a brick and mortar casino. You have to place your chips on the layout manually and tell the dealer what you wish to bet on. For example, if you want to bet $5 on 4, then you have to tell the same to the dealer. Most of the craps tables today consist of double layouts. The layout consists of :

  • Pass line: A-line extending across the table for betting with a shooter
  • Don’t pass line: Players betting against the shooter.
  • Come and don’t come: Similar to the above mentioned, but at different times of the game.


After the come-out roll of the die, if the outcome is a seven, then it is a losing roll when it is on the pass line.

If you miss it, then you can place your bet on the come line. It contains the same rules as the pass line, but the only difference is that you will be playing out of the main pass line.

However, if you’re rolling, you have to make sure that it hits the back wall.

Play Craps
April 16, 2020

How to Win at Craps?

Craps is a simple game of luck by chance that decides the players bankroll for the night. Although many assume that it is solely based on luck, there are some strategies and tips that can help you beat the odds and casino house edge. But to achieve it, it is essential to follow some rules and tricks which will help you in a long way. As you read through the article, you will learn about the top three ways by which you can win at your next craps game.

Choosing the bet’s

No doubt, the game is solely based on luck. But the way you place your bet also matters a lot in the game. It is essential to make your smartest move and place your bet in the right spot, by prioritizing the safest bests available on the table. And by safe bets, we mean the ones that offer the most minimal house edge. By doing so, you’ll have a mathematical advantage over all other players and also minimize your risk of losing a lot of money.

Since craps offer various bets you can choose from, it can be intimidating. However, one of the safest bests the game provides is the pass bet that has a lower house edge of 1.41% and even pays out for even money, which means you bet $10 and you win $10. One important thing to note while making the pass bet is to avoid betting after the come-out roll as the value of the bet only diminishes after.

Another single safe bet to consider is the don’t pass bet, that is highly contrary to the pass bet, and offers a house edge of 1.36%. Since most players go for the pass bet, it is evident that when they lose you win and vice versa. Hence, make a smart decision.

Craps table

Pick the game wisely

Irrespective of the location, country, experience and all the factors, the house always has an advantage. No matter what you’re playing in a casino, the games are mathematically strategized to defeat you against the house. So, instead of going all in and losing money, play steadily and with lower wagers. By doing so, you can also stay in the game for a more extended period.

Looks for ‘downtown tables’ of craps when you next visit a casino as their payouts are a bit better than the regular tables. If you bet $3 on four and you win, it pays out $3.50. Hence, it is a win for you in the long run.

Other Basic strategies

Apart from the ones mentioned above, which are designed explicitly for craps, different gambling strategies apply to craps as well, like:

  • Don’t choose the winning streak
  • No matter what kind of bet you choose, start with a smaller sum
  • No matter how lucky you think your day might be, set a limit to the gambling or betting amount and don’t cross beyond that amount.

Watch out for distractions like alcohol etc. that only deviates our attention from the game.

Win at Craps
April 7, 2020

Sic Bo Rules and Best Strategy Tips

If you’re a fan of casino-based dice games, then you would’ve probably come across the very famous game, Sic Bo. It is one of the oldest of the dice-based casino games and stands out due to its simple strategy and entertainment it provides while playing. Although it is a game of pure luck, there are some strategies and rules that you could always stick by to increase your chances of winning. But the thing to remember is that there is no winning strategy that works for everybody. It is based on the situation and how you execute them.

Sic Bio basic rules

Before you can begin to employ any of the strategies, it is mandatory to know the rules of the game, before you dive in.

  • Placing of bets: Before beginning the game, you have to place your bets by placing the chips on the side of the table you wish to bet.
  • Rolling of dice: The dealer rolls the dice either by hand or by an automatic machine, and the players are not allowed to touch the dice.
  • Result: You ought to wait until the dice are rolled. If you win, then you will be paid out accordingly.
  • Next bet: Once you get the result, you can follow the same process to place your next bet.

Sic Bio basic rules


As a beginner, it is essential to start with smaller bets until you can master the game entirely without any hurdles. One of the main strategies is to use the smaller bets or the combination bets where you have to choose between specific numbers. The main advantage of this kind of bet is that it has a lower house edge when compared to others. Another interesting strategy is the 1-3-2-4 strategy that is suitable for bets with even chances and allows you to increase the stakes in a series or pattern.

Once you have gained enough practice at the beginner level, then you can move on to choosing more daring strategies like betting on at least four numbers from the combination of dices. Theoretically, even if you lose all four bets, then the amount you gain at the end will compensate for the loss. Many advanced players often follow the strategy of the three currency units like 9 and 2 units on double 1,5 and 6 or 3 currency units n 12 and double on 1,2 and 6.

As long as there are sufficient funds, expert players can try their luck with different combinations and strategies. Even though the probabilities on some are really low, the payouts from the bets will compensate for all the losses. One attractive strategy is placing three currency on eight and two units on double 1, 2 and 3. Or you could also place a double on 2 and 3, which will pay out a heavy sum. Another trick is to place three units on 12 and double 4,5, and 5 with two-unit combinations on 4 and 5. Just like the other option, it pays out 27, which will also grant you a big win.

Sic Bo Rules
April 1, 2020

Using Probability to Calculate the Odds in the Game of Craps

Craps is a dice game that never fails to catch the eyes of the visitors in a casino. A fun-filled exciting themed dice dame can go both good and worse for you if you do not play your cards right. Although the basic strategy for the game is based on luck and chance, probability also plays a vital role in his game. Of course, you cannot change the outcomes of the dice, but you can strategize the wins and losses in such a way that you don’t go bankrupt at the end of the game.

Craps probabilities

First, let us understand how the probability of craps works. Consider two dices, which are generally of six sides, such that when you roll the two dice, you have 36 different outcomes. Consider that the most frequent outcome is seven which covers 6 of the 36 outcomes. On the contrary, 2 and 12 are the least outcomes, and they cover only one of the 36 different possible outcomes. Hence it is 6+6 and 1+1.

In a pass line bet, which is one of the easiest and offers the lowest house edge, you have to check for the probability of getting 7 or 11 as the outcome. From our above calculation, we know that it is 6 and 2. Hence your chances of winning for every particular roll will be 6+2 =8/36.

On the contrary, the risk of losing the game is when the outcomes are 2,3, and 12, which sums up to 4/26 of the possible outcomes. Therefore, you have twice the chance of winning the come-out roll than losing it. However, as the game continues, these odds are staged differently and hence show drastic changes.

Craps probabilities


Consider rolling a six-sided die whose outcomes can be one 1,2,3,4,5, and 6. This means every time an extra die is added. The outcome is multiplied by 6. So, if you roll two dice, then the possible outcome is 36 (6X6).

If you want the target outcome as 11, then you can achieve it either by rolling 5-6 or 6-5. Hence, here your target outcome is two, and the total outcome is 36.

Therefore probability of 11 = 2/36= 1/18

This means that you have 1 in 18 chances that you get the desired outcome of 5-6 or 6-5.

The probability of finding the odds

You can use this basic strategy and formula to find out your odds of winning. Your first roll is called the come-out roll, which can have one of the three outcomes

  • 7 or 11: Automatically wins
  • 2,3, or 12: Automatically lose
  • 4,5,6,8,9,10: Point for the next round

Hence, depending on the possible outcome, you wish to achieve and the total number of outcomes, you can calculate your odds of winning or losing the game. After your come-out roll, they don’t work come out also have a better chance of winning if you lose. While calculating the probability, it is essential to note the house edge, which is the least or pass line bets.

Odds in the Game of Craps
March 12, 2020

Decoding the game of Hazard

The classic game of Hazard will always remain as an engaging and essential game that has brought forward a different sense of history. Although the game was invented in the 14th century, it is still played at different spots around the world. As a result, the popularity of the game has not diminished and has only increased over time. With different variations also coming into the picture, things got a lot more interesting. Due to that, we decided to provide a brief take on the game that captures its rules and other related aspects.

1. Understanding the game of Hazard

The game uses two dice to manoeuvre ahead as multiple players play side by side. They bet among themselves on the odds of the “caster’s” or “fader’s” point being cast first. As a result, players have the freedom to begin the game by either shooting or casting. In order to start, players usually throw the dice to establish the main, which relates to numbers between five and nine. In case the player did not find the first attempt to be successful, he/she can opt for subsequent other attempts.

By all means, players at this game will only win if they throw-in. So if a 5 is nicked by a 5 or if a 6 is nicked by either a 6 or 12, then the player will win. But if aces or cabs come into the picture, then the players will lose. As the probability of 6 being played first ahead of a 5 differs, so does the probability of 5 being thrown before 9 or 7. Since the game is fast-paced, it is quite essential for the players to pay attention to all that is happening. By doing so, they can be aware of putting in the right moves that matter the most.


2. Top Terms

Hazard brings in different terms as the game progresses ahead. Thanks to the different modes of aspects that take place, one needs to know all about the various terms that are used to push this game forward. So go ahead and read them all out.

  1. Caster – this particular term refers to the current player.
  2. Throw out and throw in – throw out refers to a losing situation and throw in refers to the process of rolling the main.
  3. Main – as stated earlier, main refers to numbers between 5 and 9.


Learning how to play Hazard is a time-consuming process that you realise was worth it once you begin to play the game. The mind juggling activity takes a toll on you, as you move forward to ease the opportunity by inducting different features to seal the win.

Game of Hazard
February 12, 2020

Top Gambling Games with Dice

There are certain features that manage to take gambling games forward and hit them with a different experience. While some of these features can be small details essential for the game, they create a compelling experience for the player as he/she comes back for more. As a result, today we will be looking into a small detail in gambling games that takes the shape of a dice. Yes, that’s right. Gambling games with dice are exciting as they manage to bend the rules and take things to a whole different direction. So to be more specific, here are the top gambling games with dice.

1. Craps

When it comes to gambling games with dice, Craps takes the lead as the most popular one from the list. The game is available on every casino floor as it stands to be a trendsetter that everyone keeps playing again and again. Standing around the table, laying bets and throwing dice is the usual scenario that one gets to witness around a craps table. Apart from that, other essential features like the “Pass Line and “Don’t Pass” line takes things further and enables people to have a great time.


2. Chuck A Luck

Chuck-A-Luck is another exciting game that came to the world from Australia. The game consists of a 3-dice tumble in a spinning cage, as you wager on how many dice will eventually come up with the number of your choice. As these simple rules take shape, the game revolves to include the right dose of everything that you want to witness in a gambling game. As the nature of simplicity moves forward, you will be struck by the need to play and explore more.

3. Hazard

While the dates about the origin of Hazard goes around for debates, the game has turned out to be an excellent experience for anyone who plays the same. Thanks to its high-stakes nature, it brings together a huge crowd who in turn move ahead to learn more and weigh in on the experience. With two dice in the picture, the game begins when the shooter throws the dice to establish the main point. In order to completely get it done, the initial step might go more than a single throw.

Banka Francesca

4. Banka Francesca

Banka Francesca is another famous dice game that is known for its fast-paced gaming experience. The game enters the scene with three possible bets that are placed forward with three dice. As a move to get things done, the dealer will keep rolling the dice until one of the results pops up. While the game is not quite famous in the U.S, it has managed to keep people happy at Portuguese casinos since it is the most popular game in the market.

Gambling Games with Dice
January 24, 2020

Understanding the game of Street Craps

Street craps draw a huge line of difference between the good old game of craps as the two games are not the same. With different rules and features coming into the picture, the game is quite different from what one would expect it to be. It grabbed all the attention with its debut in 2014 at the Grand Casino in Las Vegas. Since then, it has been a famous variant of craps that you need to try. So to help you get started, here’s a brief take on the different aspects that revolve around the game.

Basic Rules

The rules for street carps are quite easy to understand. With a shooter and a couple of other participants, one can go forward with the game. The shooter rolls the dice, and other players place wagers on the possibility of landing a particular number before throwing a seven. Due to that, setting up the game requires a dice and a suitable surface where it can be rolled. In order to get started, the shooter will select the amount on which bets need to be placed by also bringing in the preferred betting option.

Be it Pass or Don’t Pass, choosing the betting option will decide the further extent of the game. When the right number of players have placed wagers, the game can move ahead. Apart from that, players are also allowed to either place bets on the first number that the shooter throws or the total number of all rolls. In this manner, if the shooter throws a seven or eleven, then all Pass wagers win. On the other hand, if the sum is two, three or twenty, the Don’t pass wagers tend to win.

Towards the end, the shooter will distribute the right amount of money to the players. He/she either pays or gets paid for the bets placed on the opening betting round. The amount of the payouts is also proportional to the total of the initial bet. As a result, players settle the side bets between themselves. Being aware of the bets defined by the game is an essential aspect of understanding street carps.


Essential Terms

  1. Shooter – the individual or player who throws the dice.
  2. Dice – the game of street craps requires two dice.
  3. Placing bets – players can proceed to place wagers only when the shooter has taken the dice.
  4. Pass and Don’t Pass – pass relates to the bet where the shooter believes they will roll a seven or eleven. Don’t pass is when the shooter will hit two, three or twelve as the sum of two dice.

5. Bounce – a wall or another kind of backstop where the dice can bounce is mandatory for the game to move forward.

Street Craps